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Anjanvel Family

Mr. Narendra Pitale (Mechanical Engineer)

He is Expert in Special Purpose Machine Designing and Nature Environmental Studies The best part about him is you just have to initiate the topic and he will be your living encyclopedia, you can have a quality conversation on any topic from science to spirituality. Being a regular visitor to Shillim for the past 25 years, he has contributed to the development of Anjanvel. After completing the course in the ecological context of "Ecological Society Mumbai" he decided to leave Mumbai permanently and build an "Eco-house" at Anjnavel and stay permanently. This Eco-Hoise has been a flagship for Anjanvel as Mr Pitale Sir welcomes all and tell us about its functionality and need. Along with his profile of Design Consultant for Mechanical companies, he is farming for the last 6 years and studying about Plastic Waste Recycling.

Mr. Ramesh Jagtap (Appa)

Son of Late Shri Khanderao Jagtap, one of the most prominent landowners in the Maval taluka, and despite this, very sensitive, socially famous for his caring nature. Mr Ramesh Jagtap (Appa) is dreaming of some excellent grand creation from his inspiration and teachings, he planted thousands of trees in the barren land and mainly took care of every single tree he planted for last 25 years. He has a great vision of the developed and self-sustaining village, He realised the need of time and worked towards establishing Shillim as an agritourism hub and created many jobs through increasing mutual cooperation between the villager.

Mr. Rahul Jagtap (Bsc and MSW)

Having worked as HR for a Multi-National Company for 5 years comes handy when understanding the guests of Anjanvel as he easily understands the needs and plans best for each individual, whether the guest is from Maharashtra or from any other state or even country. He is an active volunteer of Swaroop Vardhini and doing social work for many other organizations. Mr Rahul works for the expansion of Anjanvel and in daily management. He is Striving to give tourists the experience of agriculture, with his indifferent nature. Over the period he has established Farmer's Group, Bachat Gat. Now Attempting to put together women farmers and set up a Rozgar Samiti project.

Mrs. Durva Jagtap (Interior designer)

The 'Sugaran' -Anjanvel's kitchen is able to serve whole-souled food to the guests with gratitude, is because of Mrs Durva Jagtap. She is supporting the development of the women through Bachat Gat, as well as being a common place for the gathering of women in the village, Sugaran helps to establish a women-centric industry.

Mr. Tushar Jagtap (Bsc Horticulture)

Has 10 years of experience in the banking field. Currently, he Works from Sahyadri Farms,(FPC) in top management. Main resource when it comes Anjanvel Strategy, Planning.